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Fall 2019

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The mission of the Aylmer Arts Council is to represent and serve artists from all over the Gatineau community and surrounding areas. Our organization is composed of artists members of different levels, amateur, emerging, semi-professional and professional artists as well as artisans.

Follow all our activities on the Aylmer Arts Council Facebook page, as well as on our website,!


Summer activities

  • Art in the community

Every Sunday, a visual arts activity for the public was held in the CAA tent at the Old Aylmer Market.

The program will end on September 29 with an outdoor painting event to which all members are invited.

Thanks to the organizers, Jean Junkala and Linda Girard, and also to all the volunteers facilitators, Catherine Garcia Cournoyer, Stephanie Bois,Therese Andre, Guy Bessette, Annie Devault, Linda Beauparlant, Jacques Desgagnes, Lynn Prevost et Danita Poelzer.

  • Exhibition at the restaurant le Bambou

Renée Lajeunesse et Rolland Charron have organized a CAA exhibition this summer at the restaurant Le Bambou with the following participating artists:Thérèse André, Gaelle Bigoni, Jean Grenier, Martine Labelle, Diane Crôteau, Guy Bessette,  Renée Lalonde-Lajeunesse et Louise Jetté. Photos are available on our website.

  • Exhibition at l’Espace Pierre-Debain

Our annual collective exhibition at Espace Pierre-Debain took place this Summer from July 10 to August 18, 2019 with 40 AAC artists. Thanks to the organizer, Diane Groulx, for her outstanding work. Photos are available on our website. 

Current and future activities

  • Membership renewal

Members are invited to renew their membership for September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

The cost of the renewal is $25 before October 15th. After that date, the cost will be $35.

This year, members can pay online at the CAA website.

Everyone must also:

  1. complete and send the new application form to Aylmer Arts Council, PO Box 224, Gatineau, J9H 5E5,
  2. as well as a photo of the artist or a representative work, in jpeg format, by email, at info @
  • CAA website

Our website is currently operational:

Many thanks to Manon Arsenault, Jean Grenier, Linda Girard and Catherine Garcia Cournoyer, who piloted this project!

  • Art classes

Our art classes are back. Registrations are made through the Service des loisirs.

  • New exhibition at the restaurant Le Bambou

Following this Summer's exhibition, a new exhibition, organized by Renée Lalonde-Lajeunesse and Rolland Charron is ongoing until December 12. The 7 participating artists are: Claire-Andrée Bourgeois, Diane Crôteau, Jean Grenier, Martine Labelle, Renée Lalonde-Lajeunesse, Danita Poelzer et Estelle Poudrette.

Participation to Les journées de la culture

The Aylmer Arts Council invites amateur, professional and even beginner artists to participate in a collective outdoor painting project during Les journées de la culture. Bring

your material and easel and come, on September 27, 28 and 29, to create a work inspired by the Old Aylmer.

Artists will be invited to share the fruit of their work on

Sunday, September 29 from 10am to 3pm at the Aylmer Public Market site. They will also be able to sell their works if they wish.

For more information, contact Jean Junkala at

Artists studios tour: October 5-6

The AAC artists studios tour is in preparation with the following participating artists: Jacques Desgagnés, Francine Pagé, Dalia Mendoza, Linda Girard, Tanya McCormick, Thérèse André, Louise Moreau, Linda Foley, Cheryl Mattice, Guy Bessette, Gaëlle Bercker-Bigoni, Doris Genest, Daniel St-Cyr et Denise Venne.

Many thanks to the Honorary President of the 2019 Tour, Jacques Desgagnés for his support, the many sponsors he was able to convince and the gift of a painting worth $1,800 to be part of the draw at the end of the tour. Thanks also to Linda Girard for the gift of a panting worth $500.

Thanks also to the organizing committee of the tour, Linda Girard, Thérèse André and Guy Bessette.

This year, four works (two donated by Jacques Desgagnés and Linda Girard and two others to be selected) will be offered through a draw to participating tour visitors. The draw will take place on October 6th at 19hrs. at the Bistro L'Autre Œil. All are welcome!

  • Exhibition ‘’Les petits chefs d’œuvre’’

Josée Francoeur and Lynn Prévost are organizing an exhibition of small format works to be held at the Pierre Debain Cultural Center on November 23 and 24. More detailed information will be provided shortly.

Bulleting board

  • General assembly of the Aylmer Arts Council

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on October 16th from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The doors will open at 18.30 for informal exchanges between artists. Several positions are vacant on the Board of Directors. Come meet us and meet your colleagues!


We are looking for instructors who can intervene punctually in our winter session art classes, or for a full-time teacher. For more information, please contact Jean Grenier, à

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