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The Aylmer Arts Council (AAC) is a non-profit organization incorporated since 1978. Its head office is located in the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau.It consists of an executive committee whose members come from diverse professional backgrounds and share a common passion for the development of arts and culture.

Following the previous leadership, the new board took over on November 15, 2018 to continue the AAC's mandate. The AAC's mission is to represent and serve artists from all over the Gatineau community and surrounding areas. Our organization is composed of artist members of different levels: amateurs, emergings, semi-professionals and professional artists as well as craftsmens.

The AAC's mandate is to develop arts and culture in the Gatineau community. It undertakes to serve his members for purely artistic purposes. Its objectives are to: 

  • Promote arts and culture in the Gatineau community and the Outaouais region.
  • Organize cultural events such as exhibitions highlighting the work of its members and their original works.
  • Promote the artistic development of its members.
  • Provide an environment that highlights the talent of its members.
  • Offer a variety of events and workshops to members and the community.
  • Foster partnership with other cultural organizations in the region.

For any interest in representing and / or getting involved in the Aylmer Arts Council, please contact us by email at info@artsaylmer.com.

Membership and contributions
Membership in the AAC is in accordance with the terms and conditions, including the amount of the annual contribution of regular members. AAC membership and renewal is for one year and ends on August 31st each year.

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